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          Contact: Mr. Wan Qiliang

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          Automatic paper mounting machine

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          Automatic paper mounting machine

          Detailed introduction

          main feature:

          1. Feida Department

          1. The feeder head adopts international advanced technology, single-sheet continuous paper feeding, paper suction and paper feeding are stable, and the conveying direction of the paper can be easily adjusted, and the operation is simple.

          2. The paper feeding method adopts vacuum suction paper, even if the paper used is not good, or the paper lamination such as the poor slippage of rough cardboard, it will not be troublesome when feeding paper.

          3. The lifting of the paper stack adopts an automatic double-layer lifting system, and is equipped with a paper stack aligning device according to the size of the paper to ensure that the paper stack is neat and flat for the convenience of the operator.

          2. Bridge transportation department

          1. The precision phase adjuster is matched with the timing alignment structure, and the fitting error can be adjusted conveniently and accurately even without stopping the machine during high-speed operation.

          2. The paper feeding adopts the accordion folding method for both the surface paper and the bottom paper. The paper claws push up and down synchronously to push the paper into the laminating part. Turn the handle according to the size of the paper to correct the structure of the paper to be pushed correctly, so it is very stable, even if Speeding up will not cause trouble.

          Three, wave paper table

          1. The paper feeding is flat and reliable, the side baffle, paper feed knife, suction paper feeding belt and rear guide rod can accurately and continuously convey the bottom paper smoothly; it is equipped with a suction dust collection filter device that can absorb the bottom Paper dust to avoid blockage of switcher and blower.

          2. Fully automatic control of wave paper output, so that the top paper and bottom paper can be laminated simultaneously. Advanced electrical structure design ensures safety and reduces paper waste.

          Fourth, the pasting and bonding department

          1. The non-engraved steel anilox roller is applied evenly. The size of the paste and the draft of the bottom paper can be easily adjusted through the handle to ensure that the paste is evenly coated on the bottom paper.

          2. The suction nozzle of the paste pump adopts Lunet. The impurities in the paste are removed to ensure the quality of the paste, and the service life of the paste pump system and the paste mechanism is prolonged.

          3. The water basin of the cleaning roller can be raised and lowered. It provides more convenient conditions for cleaning the washing basin and washing roller.

          5. Crimping and conveying department

          1. The laminated paper coming out of the pressure roller enters the pressure belt in an orderly manner through the overlap of the pressure strip.

          2. Utilize the pressure conveying mechanism and soft wide belt to press and convey the paper, so that the paper is more firmly and smoothly attached, and the follow-up work can be carried out after the pressing part.

          3. The upper pressure conveying mechanism can be easily moved, and the space of the conveyor can be fully utilized according to the size of the product.

          Technique Paramete

          Maximum paper sizeMax Paper Size1300*1100mm1450*1100mm1450*1450mm1600*1100mm1600*1450mm
          Minimum paper sizeMin Paper Size400*350mm400*350mm400*400mm400*350mm400*400mm
          Total mechanical horsepowerPower Required14.3HP14.3HP16.8HP16.8HP16.8HP
          Mechanical length



          Mechanical speed













          Machine weight




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