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          Address: No. 893, Qinhe Road, Kunshan, Suzhou

          Contact: Mr. Wan Qiliang

          Telephone: 86-0512-57779769

          Hand machine: 13776359698

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          Manual UV Coating Machine

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          Manual UV Coating Machine

          Detailed introduction

          main feature:

          1. Main Coating Unit

          The coating host adopts unilateral adjustment, so there is no need to shuttle back and forth due to the thickness of the left and right oils to ensure consistent pressure.

          The scraper adopts a horizontal tandem mechanism, so that there is no stickiness on the reverse side of the paper, and it fully protects the roller and extends the life of the roller and the scraper.

          The glazing head and conveying adopts inch-moving cleaning switch, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning of the left and right lower scrapers.

          Using a differential oil transmission structure, the rotating speed of the metering stick can be changed arbitrarily, and the thickness of the UV varnish can be controlled, making the oil control more accurate and convenient.

          2. Drying and conveying equipment Curing system

          The conveyor is driven by an independent motor, frequency conversion speed regulation, easy operation.

          The Teflon conveyor net is equipped with an automatic deviation correction device, which is resistant to high temperature and abrasion, and the conveying is stable, safe and noise-free.

          The drying system of 18 infrared lamps can be divided into electric heating 1 and 2 to control separately, and equipped with automatic temperature control, which can fully dry the water-based varnish while saving electric energy.

          UV lamp tube cures UV varnish.

          3. Auto control

          The motors all use frequency conversion speed regulation, which is convenient to adjust, safe and reliable.

          Flat cable connection, quick-plug connector, convenient for installation and maintenance.

          Technique Paramete

          modelModel No.XHST-1200XHST-1450XHST-1650
          Maximum paper sizeMax.Sheet1200mm1450mm1650mm
          Minimum paper sizeMin.Sheet350L*350W mm350L*350W mm350L*350Wmm
          Applicable paperPaper Weight230g以上230g以上230g以上
          Conveyor speedConveyor Speed10-70m/min10-70m/min10-70m/min
          powerPower Required4kw4kw6kw
          Mechanical volumeDimension(L*W* H)10500*1880*1450mm10500*2130*1450mm10500*2330*1450mm
          Machine weightWeight machine 3000kg3500kg4000kg

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